10-YEAR-OLD GIRL: 6 times in care, 6 times abused, back to Social Workers not Parents!

Its time to wake up sheeple. Our self apoined leader’s are using social workers as nothing more, than paid procurers. These scumbags know what fate is in store for your child.

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

Courtesy of Lincolnshire Police, just as with the Pedro family, who also featured in the book by late Paulette Cooper who wrote The Forensics of Legal Fraud:

16 minutes viewing and a few questions, depending on how well informed / initiated you are about

1. What’s unique in the UK:

  • 5 ‘unique selling points’ collated by veteran advisor Ian Josephs, who publishes Forced Adoption and gets 6 – 10 calls a day.

2. International Concerns about UK Law:

  • John Hemming MP‘s Early Day Motion – not signed by any other MP;
  • this research among 177 local councils showed that 6,645 non-UK children were taken into ‘care’ and 122 adopted.

3. It’s too much – my six minutes before the EU Petitions Committee on 19 March 2014:

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When the system is out to steal and bugger you’re kids

the enigma channel

CHRIS EVERARD corroborates further evidence, proving that Barnet Police have EXTREME KIDDIE PORNOGRAPHERS within their own ranks.  He also uncovers an EXTREME KIDDIE PORN PRIEST living round the corner from the Hampstead Whistleblower kids.

In a deeply disturbing series of home-made videos posted online during the late summer of 2014, an 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister describe the horrors they were allegedly forced to endure at the hands of their British father who they claim is the leader of a Sexual Ritual Abuse cult in North London. The cult includes head teachers, a priest, school governors, managers of McDonalds, Social Workers, lawyers and Police Officers.  The Cult sacrifices babies which arrive in DHL and TNT courier boxes, many thousands of pounds are earned by the Cult in trafficking lewd, pornographic and ‘snuff’ videos from their rituals which are held in school-time.  “Other schools are involved” said the…

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Understanding the Psychopathy of Ritual Abuse and the War on Consciousness

the enigma channel

A common secret interest in all of these groups (cults), one that is well known among elite circles, is ancient masonic worship. Involving ritual, torture, pedophilia and sacrifice, they worship Satan (Saturn). Yet on the outside they pose as religious and political leaders, actors, musicians, teachers, public servants, doctors, new-agers, and activists against the very crimes they commit!

Obama-IlluminatiA squeaky clean image must be maintained, even a public one, so as not to arouse suspicion in the community. But the root of that deception goes deeper; in Satanism, everything is reversed. If they are animal activists, then they are likely the animal abusers, if they say they love children, then they likely abuse children. This is how they operate. Up is down, war is peace, restriction is freedom, black is white.

A few pages from a Satanic Bible explains their beliefs quite clearly  HERE and another version HERE

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Social workers caught with hands In there candy jar. Our kids. The link in regard to the social workers handbook on abusing kids in care, shuts down before you can read a second sentence. Under collected here

the enigma channel

British author CHRIS EVERARD investigates the biggest COVER-UP in the British Establishment – it includes senior SOCIAL WORKER organisations, the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the House of Lords:  The cover-up centres around Lord Janner is one of the most influential jewish aristocrats in the Houses of Parliament.  Problem is, he is also alleged to be one if the most prolific child rapists in the Houses of Parliament.  Lord Janner is a barrister, and it is now revealed that he actually was the BOSS of ALISON SAUNDERS – the woman who is the chief of the Crown Prosecution service, and she has protected Lord Janner from prosecution for sex crimes against children for many years.  
On JULY 23rd 2015 – at 9.30AM – at the ROYAL COURTS in the Strand, London – we shall see a Hearing in which the mother of two Hampstead children will attempt to regain custody…

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